Noelle Davis is an artist of her own spirit and a certified Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling coach.

After co-creating a string of failed romantic relationships through her early 30s, Noelle found herself in a dark place

emotionally. A desire to reconnect with her joy and find true love motivated her to engage different

therapeutic methods as she began her search for new ways of being.

Years later, after exploring and expanding along many avenues of healing, Noelle was introduced to Conscious

Uncoupling and then Calling in “The One”, and her life has never been the same. In using Katherine Woodward Thomas’s simple

methods Noelle was finally able to identify and remove the painful splinters from her soul and set a new inspired

course for her empowered future.  Today, she is grounded in gratitude for the abundant flow of love in her life.

Having experienced such significant shifts in her own awareness and ways of relating with herself, others, and life,

Noelle was moved to study with Katherine Woodward Thomas to become certified as a Conscious Uncoupling and

then Calling in “The One” coach so that she could share the gift of these healing modalities. As a coach, Noelle is

fulfilling her purpose in life when she is creating a safe space and guiding others who are ready to evolve their ways

of relating so they can experience profound transformations in love and relationships.

    Before embracing her calling as a love and relationship coach, Noelle worked for seven years as a legal assistant

to a family law attorney in Austin, Texas. In this role she acted as a compassionate first responder and guide to

thousands of people experiencing personal relationship breakdowns. Noelle has also been an active criminal justice

policy reform advocate since she moved to Austin in early 2001.

And long ago, in the state of Indiana far to the north of Texas, Noelle received the degree of Bachelor of Arts

in Theatre from Purdue University, Fort Wayne campus. Upon receiving her degree she lived and worked briefly in

New York City and then Memphis, Tennessee, before deciding to make Austin, Texas her home.