Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling Testimonials


“I found working with Noelle to be so supportive to me! (She was my coach for both Conscious Uncoupling and Calling In The One.) She’s warm, kind, firm, professional, and so insightful. I loved how she met me where I was, even if that might not be where I had said I wanted to be by our next session. I felt such compassion and care from her, and it allowed me to let down any guards I had constructed, in favor of vulnerability and authenticity, knowing that I was safe with her. Noelle knows her stuff, and she continually impressed me with her resourcefulness. There were times when I wondered how she could possibly help me up-level my beliefs, but every time, she assisted me in getting unstuck and move forward with courage and hope. I feel so much lighter having identified hidden beliefs that were crippling me in my relationships. Anyone seeking for happiness and/or healing in love will benefit from time with the brilliant Noelle. Do it. Your tomorrow self will thank you.”

April Thompson
Austin, TX



Before I started coaching sessions with Noelle, I had read Calling in The One and completed the exercises in the book. I was inspired by the material but knew I needed someone to ask me questions and push me out of my comfort zone while being invested in my success. Noelle was that person. She is kind, knowledgeable, and ethical, and she knew when to challenge me and when to offer me support. Working with Noelle empowered me to believe in myself and believe in possibilities. She helped me to trust my intuition and envision a brighter future. If you’re looking for an insightful compassionate coach, look no farther. Noelle is worth every penny spent!”

Cheryl G. Roberts
Stevens Point, WI


“Noelle is an excellent listener and asker of tough questions. As my Calling in The One coach she created a safe space for me to tune in and listen to my intuition for guidance and answers around my barriers to attracting love. The most helpful part of our work together was looking at and naming my old relationship patterns and my part in those dynamics. We clearly identified subconscious beliefs I held about others and myself that are not true, and the ways the choices I was making and actions I was taking based on those beliefs were sabotaging my quest for a loving partnership. This awakening has allowed me to quickly shift my own center to a place of self-empowerment and self love and saved me a lot of time in the dating world. I am no longer wasting time with men who I see are clearly not for me, and I have learned not to take other people’s stuff personally. So freeing! Working with Noelle helped me to realize that I am worthy of receiving a love that lights me up and I will not settle for less. ”

Laura Dutton
Austin, TX


“I’m a 60-year-old woman who’s been married once and divorced for over 20 years. I have been in a few relationships throughout the past 20 years with no success. Once my two children left home and were on their own I decided, “It’s my time”. I started seeking help and came across the Calling in The One program. I had a lot of fears that I would engage in the same type of relationships I had in the past, and knew I needed to do things different going forward. An old friend of mine who was also engaged in the program referred me to Noelle for coaching to guide me through the Calling in The One course.

From the first time I met Noelle I felt very comfortable and at ease. She has a beautiful way of holding that sacred space where you feel loved and listened to, not judged. Really listened to! Throughout our work together I told things to Noelle that I had not been able to tell anyone and she was able to help me process these old feelings that were just hurting my self esteem and holding me back. One of my favorite and most significant sessions with Noelle was when we did a burning bowl release ceremony. I felt like she did a great job at truly allowing me to let it all go and assisting me with the creation of beautiful positive affirmations to live in to going forward.

I believe Noelle was definitely born to do this kind of work. She’s all love and compassion and knows how to guide you gently. If you’re looking for a good coach I highly recommend you to work with Noelle!”

Quina Brown
Austin, TX


“Before completing the Calling in The Once course I had participated in a lot of therapy, including group and individual therapy over several years in the past. The group therapy specifically targeted codependency behavior patterns using 12 step programs. Even after all the therapy I found that I was still handicapped in my relationships, although until recently I didn’t want to admit it. I had also given up on finding a meaningful love relationship in my life even though I secretly wanted one. I have been divorced since 1981 and was in a series of unsuccessful and painful relationships after that. When the last relationship ended I told myself that I had failed so miserably that I should be self-sufficient and protect myself from additional pain.

My coaching relationship with Noelle originated with a challenge from my high school best friend. My friend had been a part of the Katherine Woodward Thomas’ virtual community for around three years, and she told me that she’d decided she “didn’t want to die without trying” to call in a love relationship. That statement resonated with me in a way that I never expected it would.

Her intent not to die without trying worked its way into my consciousness. I began to think that even though I had had such painful relationships in the past that I also don’t want to die without trying to attract a love relationship.

I still felt resistance so my best friend gave me the Calling in the One book to read and consider. My final reservation was my prejudice against online counseling courses. I told myself I had to have in person coaching. My friend arranged for me to see Noelle here in Austin where we both live. So, with all of my objections removed I called Noelle and set up a time and to do the seven week course.

This was a very difficult time for me because my son had emergency surgery and was in the hospital twice for multiple days and I was doing the Calling in The One work in and around his life-threatening illness.

While I was facing these challenges Noelle taught me how to soothe myself, and how to unify my inner child self and my adult self in a way that did not seem possible to me prior to the coursework. I learned how to approach my life more positively and live each day with greater joy. Much of this work was painful, however the results helped me deal with the frightening circumstances of my son’s illness.

I can recommend Noelle without reservation. She is kind and supportive in addition to being knowledgeable and committed to her clients’ growth as well as her own. One of Noelle’s and my greatest breakthroughs was my getting grounded in my current belief that love is possible for me and that I do want love in my life.

In closing I have been so moved by my progress with Noelle that when offered the opportunity to pursue additional work I enrolled in another course, online!”

Rosemary Vaughn
Austin, TX

“Before I began my coaching sessions with Noelle I was an angry mess. But by doing the practices in the Conscious Uncoupling book and working with Noelle I have become more self aware, and I’m learning to honor my feelings, my needs, and myself. I’m learning to let go of negative ways of relating with others by doing new things like taking time to respond rather than react. These changes are reflecting in a lot of places in my life, including my relationship with my daughter, which has gotten better. I appreciate working with Noelle so much. She has definitely helped change my life, which is pretty awesome.”

Melissa Weston
Austin, TX

“I feel grateful to have participated in the Conscious Uncoupling program. I had gone through a divorce and I needed some mending and some learning. The program teaches some great life skills that our society tends to ignore, for example, labeling your feelings and mindfulness. Noelle is a great coach. She is someone you can trust to listen and not judge you, which is really important in helping you to grow. I would recommend anyone who is looking to get more out of life to give the Conscious Uncoupling program a try.”

Micah Bright
Austin, TX

“The Conscious Uncoupling work I did with Noelle helped me move out of that “stuck” place where I had resided for so many years. With her guidance, I saw so many places that I needed to do deep work, to become the person I want to be in the future. I’ve learned to forgive others, but most of all I’ve been able to forgive myself. She helped me see how my choices and actions had contributed to the life path I walked – my part in the story. As a result, she helped me learn new ways of relating to others that has brought me an even richer, fuller life and is only getting better every day.

It takes time to undo those old habits set up over many years, yet the Conscious Uncoupling process works so quickly. In such a few short weeks, once I was ready and willing to trust myself to let go of the old me and allow the unfolding me to emerge, the transformation began. Today, my friends and family comment on my radiance. I feel such amazing gratitude for each little shift, and my body shows it. I’ve only just begun, and I am so grateful to be on this upward growth path.

When you’re on the path, sometimes it’s easy to lose track of how far you’ve come. That was the great thing about having Noelle on the journey with me. She reflected back and celebrated little successes with me all along the way. Today, I am kinder to myself, I appreciate my unique gifts and I live in the moment with gratitude for all I have – secure in my transforming life.

I don’t think I would be where I am today if I had tried to do it alone. I DO know that I highly recommend Noelle as a coaching partner to take the journey with you. She doesn’t do the work for you; rather, she stands with you and holds the candle to light up the unique possibilities that are out there just for you. She encourages you with every step you take on the path to find that happily EVEN after life you desire.”

Paige Ramsey Palmer
San Antonio, TX


“When I approached Noelle about ending my 2-year relationship, I was experiencing self-doubt and feelings of guilt about leaving the relationship.  Having a very conventional upbringing,  I viewed ending a relationship as a failure and my past experiences with separation were not always civilized.   I was confused by the terms, unconditional love, expectations, for better or worse.  The book Noelle uses, “Conscious Uncoupling” by Katherine Woodward, is a wonderful book.  Noelle’s knowledge and ability to clarify sections that I read as homework was invaluable.  Taking the tools in the book and having someone like Noelle help you apply them to your situation helps smooth the process of separating which is never easy or pleasant.  I was fortunate in that my partner was on board with doing the uncoupling and the framework provided by Noelle and the book was very helpful to us both.  My biggest take away from my sessions with Noelle was to get rid of my feelings of guilt.  We talked about unconditional love vs. relationships.  Basically Love is unconditional,  relationships have expectations.  My ex and I still love each other and our relationship is better now that we are not living together.  Thanks to Noelle and her coaching of the Conscious Uncoupling process.”

Kerry Lucas
Austin, Texas

“I completed the Conscious Uncoupling Program with Noelle’s guidance a few months ago, following a very hurtful and unfriendly break-up that left me questioning my self-worth and value.  I regret not having this program 20 years and 6 relationships ago, but I’m so grateful I eventually found it and Noelle. With her gentle, challenging and intuitive support, I unearthed so much about myself that influenced my repeated unhealthy patterns in relationships, and things started to make sense for the first time in my life. I always knew I wasn’t getting everything right, but I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong either.

For the first time, I’m in a truly healthy romantic relationship.  But in addition, it’s strengthened every relationship important to me. I am more self-aware, compassionate, empowered & confident … and from that I am a better mother, daughter, sister and friend.  Noelle even guided me and my ex-partner (the bad break up) in ‘Clearing the Air’, which was a really powerful, beautiful experience for both of us.

In the months since my completion of the program, I am continuing to grow using the tools I’ve learned with Noelle. I am forever changed and grateful I had the courage to walk through her door. I haven’t looked back since.”

Patty LeBlanc
Austin, Texas

“Although my breakup was anticipated and very kind I was still left feeling like I wasn’t good enough to have a healthy and fulfilling relationship with a wonderful woman.  Using the Conscious Uncoupling process helped me discovered where I have been limiting myself.  With Noelle’s help I was able to identify old thought patterns I’ve developed throughout my life that have been telling me I’m not good enough and that I don’t deserve love.  Noelle then guided me to see the opportunity I had to correct those patters of insecurity with self-nurturing.  

After learning to take responsibility for my own self-esteem and granting myself self-love through guided practices and work at home, I began to see my part in why the relationship failed.  This clarity sparked in me a passion to begin finding healthy autonomy and to stabilize my life, using practices I’ve learned from this process.  Through the work I’m able to appreciate my past relationship and partner more deeply by feeling enriched and empowered from our experience together.

I would recommend Noelle’s coaching to anyone feeling troubled by their break up because with her powerful, intuitive insight, she helped me uncover deep personal truths that made my break up less of a heart ache and more of a blessing.  Working through the first step, Find Emotional Freedom, with Noelle was extremely beneficial because I was feeling very conflicted and her understanding allowed for a more honest and thorough recount of my emotions.  I am grateful for having had the strength and courage to reach out and receive such invaluable help.”

Carlos Martinez
San Marcos, Texas