Are you Intentionally a Singles Statistic?


This third week of September is Unmarried & Single Americans Week. According to new US Census Bureau data, there are now over 110 million unmarried people in America age 18 or older. This group of us makes up 45% of all U.S. residents over 18!

If you are part of this group and have been single for longer than you wanted, you know how lonely not being partnered can be. Yet thankfully, your experience so far does not determine your future in love. What you are standing to create is what will determine your future in love.

So for those who have been lonely to long, or feel sick of being single, it’s time to take new actions to make sure you are not a singles statistic next year. To break this pattern I encourage you to take a stand for yourself by setting a bold intention for love. One that will pull you out of your comfort zone and inspire you to begin showing up in your life in ways that are consistent with your future of love fulfilled.

There are three parts to a powerful intention. First, the intention needs to be future focused. Second, it is in the affirmative, stated as something positive you want to create or attract. Third, it is an inspiring call to rise!

An intention only needs to be a sentence in length, so keep it simple and memorable. It might be something like “My intention is to learn to love myself and to expand my capacity to love and be loved by others.”

Setting such a powerful intention, truly committing to your intention, and then living in alignment with that intention, is your first step toward clearing away the obstacles that have been holding you back from love.

What is your bold new intention for love?

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