Barriers to Love: Part 1 Overview

What are your hidden barriers to love?  Maybe you are thinking to yourself, “If I knew, I wouldn’t be reading this.” Don’t worry!  Brave New Love Coaching can help! Common complaints about the search for finding love and “The One” include, “There just aren’t enough good men (or women) out there.”  Or, “Why do I always attract those who are emotionally unavailable?” Have you caught yourself saying something similar?

What prevents you from getting the love you desire?  Could it be that you have internal barriers to love you are not even aware of? The answer is most likely YES! In our six-part blog series “Barriers to Love” we help you explore the following:

  • Resentments

  • Unconscious Patterns in Love

  • Toxicity: Fear, Obligation & Guilt

  • Old Agreements

  • Old Beliefs around Love

When one takes the time to look within, and really identify beliefs around love - and more importantly what you believe to be true about yourself - the hidden barriers become not so hidden.  It is at this point you can begin to release old ideas, patterns and behaviors that are not serving you and create a different reality for yourself.

This was certainly true for me.  Several years ago, I found myself having a pity-party and feeling broken hearted after moving out of my boyfriend’s place into my own apartment.  There I was, alone, sad, and confused about what to do with this relationship. Desperate for comfort, I decided to do a mini self-care retreat in my condo. I listened to the Conscious Uncoupling audios created by New York Times bestselling author and now my mentor, Katherine Woodward Thomas.

The exercises in her program woke me to the truth of my responsibility for the breakdowns in our relationship. I’m not saying everything that went wrong between us was my fault.  However, Katherine’s voice guided me through the sometimes challenging yet rewarding work. I quickly gained a clear understanding of my role in the dynamics of our relationship which allowed me to give up the story that “I was his victim.”  At that point, it became possible for me to begin to reinvent myself and our relationship!

Understanding your own barriers to love is foundational to the success of my Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling groups, workshops and one-on-one sessions. I love it when I get to help someone uncover a hidden barrier to love and suddenly their whole perspective shifts about themselves and the happiness that is possible!