Welcome to Brave New Love Coaching


Welcome to the Brave New Love Coaching Blog! Our blog is new, but our experience in uncovering the path to a healthy, loving relationship is a tested and proven successful method and we are excited to share this with our online community.

We help cultivate the courage to truly love and be loved. Whether you need Conscious Uncoupling, or help Calling in The One, Brave New Love Coach Noelle Davis personally guides you through the steps to release the past and transform your life into your bright, new, love-filled future.

Conscious Uncoupling

The Conscious Uncoupling method offers a better way to break up and then leads you on the journey to create your happily 'even' after life. You will move through five simple and transformative steps that take you away from an angry ending and toward new, empowered ways of being with yourself, others and in everyday life. Thousands of people from around the world have already used the valuable skills and tools provided in this program to transform their despair into resilience and their heartache to a sense of wholeness.

Calling in The One

Calling in “The One” helps you identify and release internal relationship barriers and become magnetic to love. Unsuccessful and hurtful relationship patterns are common in our current culture. It is normal to have doubtful feelings about finding love and at times you might even feel hopeless. We are here to tell you that it is POSSIBLE to break these patterns, transform your habits and create a different, positive future in love. Calling in The One offers the path and tools you need to attract the love you so deeply desire.

Keep following along each week as we uncover more information and tips on how to transform your love life from the inside out. If you are ready to explore this path further, send Noelle a message for a FREE 30 minute discovery call.