Conscious Uncoupling Part 1 | Overview

Conscious Uncoupling is a healthier way for couples to separate versus the more common deeply traumatic break up that leaves both partners wounded at their core. Designed to minimize the hurt and resentments of separating, moving through a Conscious Uncoupling allows each person to leave the relationship with dignity, compassion, and respect for self and each other. In this 7-part blog series about Conscious Uncoupling we will explore the following Steps:

It is human nature to desire love and companionship. Research shows happy relationships improve health, longevity, and quality of life. The Pew Research Foundation reports half (approximately 122.6 million) of all American adults (18 years and older) were married in 2016, and another 7 percent (18 million) are cohabitating.  None of us consciously move into a relationship expecting it to end in heartache. Yet, so many unions do. It’s hard to overlook that 40-50 percent of marriages end in divorce.   

Before becoming a certified love and relationship coach, I worked as a legal assistant to a family law attorney for seven years.  In that role, I did what I could to support our clients in navigating the legal process moving through the end of a marriage or long-term commitment with minimal damage to all involved.

I was moved to become a Conscious Uncoupling coach because in my work within the legal system I became frustrated that we were not actually supporting families to get to the root of their suffering. I could see how so many were ending their legal process contracted and resentful leaving vast amounts of collateral damage in their wake. I knew there had to be a better way to break up. Conscious Uncoupling is that better way!

Katherine Woodward Thomas, a marriage and family therapist, developed the Conscious Uncoupling method based on the way she and her husband of 10 years moved through their own separation and divorce. Katherine shares her story and guides people moving through a breakup with her New York Times bestselling book, Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After.

The goal of this program is to help you:

  • transform negative emotions into the fuel you’ll need to create positive change in your life,

  • learn how to trust yourself to never make the same mistakes again and trust yourself to love wholeheartedly moving forward, &

  • implement the secrets to healthy closure so you can be at peace in your heart and mind to go forth and find new happiness in love.

This program certainly worked for me when I suffered my own separation. My separation resulted in a deep quest for knowing myself. After a weekend of listening to Katherine’s audio program, I was transformed with the knowledge of my part in the dysfunction of our relationship including identifying my own internal barriers to love and finding the courage to address these issues in a healthy non-dramatic way.  As a result, my partner and I have since re-coupled transforming our partnership into the deeply loving and supportive relationship I’ve always desired.

Now a certified Conscious Uncoupling coach trained and mentored by Katherine, my goal with my work is to help you (and others like us) transition your relationship in a loving and generous way instead of the traumatic or verbally explosive breakups each of us has experienced in the past. In committing to working through these simple steps it is possible to guide yourself away from an angry ending and toward new empowered ways of being with yourself, others and life.


This blog is written by Noelle Davis, a certified love and relationship coach. The first in a 7-part series, this blog is based off the New York Times bestselling book Conscious Uncoupling by author Katherine Woodward Thomas.  Each blog provides a brief overview to the larger work you will experience in my Conscious Uncoupling groups and one-on-one sessions.  Please visit to read the full blog series and learn more about Conscious Uncoupling.